Please call our service department to place an order for Filter Cartridge replacement or to schedule a service for your Water Filtration System.

(678) 324-6733 Ext 109

H2O & Energy Solutions services all types of water filtration/ softener systems.


  • Full System Maintenance Check
  • Reverse Osmosis/ Drinking Station Sanitation
  • Reverse Osmosis/ Drinking Station Cartridge/Module Replacement
  • System Parts Replacement
  • Softener Salt Replacement
  • Resin & Carbon Media Re-bed
  • Water System Installation, Disconnect & Relocation

*If there is a service or part you need but is not listed on our website, please don't hesitate to call our service department. We can order almost any part water filtration related or get you in contact with the right professional for your specific application. 

Puronics Micromax 6000/6500/7000 
Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters