Complimentary Water Testing & Solutions

Conditioned Water throughout your home

Our Complimentary water testing is done conveniently at your kitchen sink.
Our trained technicians will perform visual tests on your tap, bottled or filtered water using a portable mini lab.Your results will be given moments later. Based upon your results, our technicians can offer a number of solutions to improve your water quality. 

Recommendations can be as simple as replacing existing filters or flushing out your hot water heater. Our Technicians will also show you the benefits of treated water.

*All recommendations are just that, recommendations. You are never obligated to take up on our suggestions. We are grateful for your time. In fact, your participation helps contribute to our efforts in finding the best solutions to improve water quality for the residents of Georgia. *

Solutions To Improve Water Quality


Conditioned Water By AvantaPure® Pro Series


 How it Works

1. Treated water containing impurities passes through a bed of extremely small resin beads.

2. Undesirable minerals are drawn to the resin beads and attach to the surface.

3. Virtually all unwanted minerals are removed when the water reaches the bottom of the tank.

4. Treated water passes up through the riser tube and is distributed throughout the house.

5. Regenerant from the storage tank is used to recharge the resin beads.

AvantaPure Water Conditioning Process

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Stations

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Faucet~ Drinking Station

Its time to stop buying bottled water! Reverse Osmosis Drinking Stations are conveniently installed under your kitchen sink, providing you with unlimited pure drinking water!


These self contained  systems have a high reduction rate and are quite cost effective!

Ask your technician about the installation packages we offer for Reverse Osmosis Systems, such as 4-5 stage filtration and matching your faucet to your existing fixtures!


How Reverse Osmosis Works


Reverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from a solution (such as water). 


This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semi permeable membrane.

The membrane allows only the water to pass through, not the impurities or contaminates.

These impurities and contaminates are then flushed down the drain.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Process

Reverse osmosis will effectively reduce most microorganisms, inorganic chemicals and contaminants including: arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, nitrates, sediment, iron, bacteria, viruses, cysts, bad tastes and odors.

Peace of Mind
Pure & Clean Water


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The AvantaPure Advantage
Upflow Proportional Regeneration process. Innovative treatment process only regenerates the depleted portion of the resin bed.

Efficiency Expert
Upflow Proportional Regeneration is exceptionally efficient and environmentally friendly. Saves water, money, and conserves resources.

Smart Thinking
A fill digital electronic controller with large, multi-color display is on command through through all stages of treatment, adjusting in response to changes in water usage.

Only The Finest
Components constructed of the very best materials to withstand corrosion and wear.

A Sleek Look
A contemporary design places the system in a class of it own!


    Rewards of Conditioned Water

    Quality conditioned water enhances your home life in many ways both subtle and significant.

    • Tap water tastes better
    • Towels and sheets feel softer
    • Glassware gets a renewed sparkle
    • Tile shines, faucets gleam
    • Soaps and shampoos have richer lather and rinse completely clean
    • Detergents and cleaning agents perform better
    • Water-using appliances and your water heater last longer!

    All Natural Soap Package

    Clean, Green and Everything In Between!™

    We work exclusively with Liquid Soap Products Company to deliver you added savings when it comes to your soaps & cleansers.

    All natural soap products work hand in hand with softened water. Ask your technician how Liquid Soap Products will save your money!

    For more information please visit

    Clean & Gentle Water

    Energy Savings Packages

    Simple Solutions for Energy Savings!

    Our customized energy saving packages help you achieve annual savings while allowing your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently!

    • CFL light bulbs
    • Door and outlet insulators
    • Programmable thermostats
    •  Insulation for water heaters
    •  Pipe insulation wraps
    • Fireplace seals
    • Thermal Radiant Barriers for attics & garage doors.

    Call us today to schedule an Energy Analysis (678) 324-6733